Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Informatica 9 Features and Differences between informatica 8.6 and 9 inrealtime and standard editions

PowerCenter Standard Edition
PowerCenter 9. 1New Informatica Data Integration Analyst, a Web-based UI designed for analysts. It enables analysts to perform data integration tasks on their own and generate mappings for deployment that can be shared with developers.
New upgrade wizard and installer
Unified administration console with centralized user and role administration, enhanced LDAP integration, SSL remote access, and support for Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)
Improvements to Mapping Architects for Visio, including support for PowerExchange data sources, transformation shortcuts, and custom transformation editing
Enhanced support for lookup transformations, including cache updates, database deadlock resilience, SQL overrides for uncached lookups, and multiple rows return
Guaranteed exactly once semantics to SQL Transforms, allowing improved PowerCenter recovery from interruptions
PowerCenter 8.6

Enhanced Microsoft Visio–based data flow design tool with reusable transformations, multiple pipeline generation, shortcuts, and new mapping objects
New source-target specification and mapping generation with Microsoft Excel
Streamlined process to define valid values and other reference data
Centralized monitoring of jobs and services for each data integration service
PowerCenter 8.5
New granular privileges management for fine-grained control over application functionality
Enhanced role-based security
Improved LDAP integration
Single node service for multiple concurrent clients
New concurrent execution of PowerCenter workflows
New Web services development wizard
Enhanced predefined wizards and templates for mapping generation
New configuration assistant to guide definition of PowerCenter Services

PowerCenter Advanced Edition
PowerCenter 9.1All PowerCenter Standard Edition enhancements, plus Metadata Manager for graphical impact analysis and data lineage and Business Glossary for managing business terms
Enhanced end-to-end graphical impact analysis, including transformations
Improved impact analysis of specific objects, with ability to view list of impacted objects
Metadata audit trails for all user-definable metadata, with ability to view history of changes to business glossary categories, business terms, and custom objects
Enhancements to metadata loading and linking processes, including automatic connection assignments, support for multiple PowerCenter parameter files, automated cross-resource linking, and resource connection testing
Metadata connector support for JDBC and Microsoft SSRS/SSAS metadata
Built-in support for Business Glossary in Data Integration Analyst including search
Approval workflow for business terms from creation to publication
Business terms change notifications to stakeholders via emails
Ability to import/export business glossaries
Improvements to metadata bookmarks, including access to Metadata Manager and Business Glossary objects and features from external applications
PowerCenter 8.6

Creation of business terms organized in categories in a business glossary
Ability to add business names to technical artifacts
Ability to export data lineage to Microsoft Excel
Ability to export and import custom attributes
Objects relationship wizard to create relationships by matching metadata objects by any property
Support for IBM DB2 z/OS and Netezza, Erwin logical models, and OBIEE metadata
Dynamic partitioning
PowerCenter 8.5

Major usability improvements with interactive data lineage, search, filtering, and personalization capabilities
Profiling for metadata sources that include relational metadata
Tabbed browsing to see details about multiple data lineage views at the same time
Ability to comment on andannotate a metadata object
Ability to link to documents to add external information to a metadata object
Ability to edit attributes and relationships
Support for SAP R/3 and Microstrategy
Parallel resource loading to upload multiple resources concurrently

PowerCenter Real Time Edition
PowerCenter 9.1All PowerCenter Standard Edition enhancements, plus change data capture, messaging, and Web services support
New Data Services Web Services Option—faster Web services creation from WSDL or existing data objects, transformations, mapplets, and hierarchical datatypes and easier service reuse
Improved XML exception management to validate and route invalid XML to separate output group
Dynamic lookup cache refresh, enabling update of lookup cache based on results of an expression
Session log file rotation to limit size of session logs for real-time sessions by time or file size
PowerCenter 8.6Real-time data integration service with real-time session recovery and partitioning
Change data capture of relational data sources
Automatic scaling of Web services
Ability to define data integration processes using  Business Process Modeling Notation-based graphical tool with automatic generation of executable Business Process Execution Language processes
Enhanced support for looping, conditional logic, error handling, and compensation
Ability to define approval chains, long-running, stateful processes, and human activity tasks
Dynamic partitioning


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